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The Kenyan e-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years such that if one is passionate about business, has just thought to start a business,  needs to expand their business and or just wants the quickest,  most convenient way to find just about any item,  an online business is the way to go!

No item is beyond the reach of e-commerce,  from houses and office space to hair, and beauty products. In light of this, the most immediate danger with e-commerce is verification of payments and the actual existence of goods and or services in the quality and even quantity advertised, and especially with the Cash on Delivery (COD) system. The e-commerce industry’s history is rife with complaints about everything from rude buyers and sellers,  damaged/sub-standard/incomplete/non-existent orders,  delivery persons attacked and robbed of the goods they are delivering by ‘sellers’ to outright cons where ‘sellers' receive payments or ‘buyers’ receive goods, only to disappear into thin air.

Skeykim technology came into existence to solve these pressing issues that are common in the e-commerce industry. One of these is the massive transportation losses incurred by vendors,  as well as consumer dissatisfaction. Often, products ordered tend to be rejected by the buyers because the item delivered is vastly different from the item ordered. Alternatively, the buyer may simply have had a change of heart; thereby inflicting transportation losses on the vendor. These unfortunate and common circumstances sometimes discourage vendors from accepting orders from buyers far from their location. A potential client is thus lost and or left unsatisfied. Hence the need to verify the actual existence of goods and or services and their quality.

Kenya also uses the Pay Before Delivery system (PBD). This system has gaping loopholes as the buyer could end up being cheated by conmen. Some individuals advertise products with the glossiest of pictures and choicest of captions to attract even the most defiant of online shopping critics,  and yet do not end up delivering the goods. Also, once the order is delivered, issues like size, colour, quality, et cetera could cause a buyer to reject the order from even the most well-meaning of vendors. With the high cost of shipping in Kenya, the losses could prove to be devastating for the parties where an order is large enough to invite legal recourse.

Skeykim technology is a standard shipping  system that  offers  inspection and verification  of  all  products sold via e-commerce by sellers and for buyers who choose to use this service.  Skeykim  was  invented  to  fill  the  huge security gap  that  exists  in  Kenya’s  e-commerce  industry and  also  to  wage a stiff battle in successful attempts to get rid  of  online  conmen.  It  offers  an  escrow  service  where  instead  of  waiting for  a buyer to approve goods in order for the purchase price to be released,  Skeykim  uses  its  certified agents  to inspect  and  verify  all  the  products  prior  to  shipping.  Once  the  products  are  inspected  and verified,  the  funds  are  then released  to  the  vendors.  Where  online  vendors  do  not  present  the  items sold for  inspection  and  verification,  the  money  is  returned  to  the  buyer.

In keeping at par with technology, Skeykim  has  developed  an  application that  can be used  by  agents  and  drivers  to  offer  shipping services.  The  agents  are  strategically  placed  in  all major towns  in  Kenya and Skeykim  app  users  can choose  the  agents  closest  to  them through whom to  send  or  receive  parcels. Once  the  items  are  inspected  and verified,  the  agents  assign  them  to  the  drivers  for  delivery.  The  app enables the buyer to track all  these  steps  and sends notifications  to both the  buyer  and  seller/vendor.  

In order to enjoy the security and novelty that is Skeykim technology,  a buyer  would need to make a  purchase  through  a Skeykim  powered website  and  pay for  the  product(s) This purchase price is  then held  in  an independent escrow  account  and  the purchased product(s) details  are  sent  to  a Skeykim  agent’s  app.  These product details include;  the product(s)’ colour(s), quantities,  sizes  and  description(s). The  vendor  then takes  the  product(s) to  the  agent  for  shipping. It is worth noting that another added benefit of Skeykim’s services is that vendors  who have a high  volume of  sales  do  not  need  to take their orders to the agents.  The  agent  will  instead come collect the orders from the vendors. Once the agent receives the orders,  the agent ensures that the  physical  product(s) match with  the  online  product(s).

Where the physical product(s) match the online description, the agent marks the product(s) as verified and the purchase price is then released  into  the  vendor's  ‘wallet’.  All  verified  products  will  be assigned  to  a driver  on  the  app for delivery. Where shipping is necessary,  Skeykim  will  ship  the  product(s) to  the  agent  the  buyer  choose  during  the  checkout process on the Skeykim powered website. Once the inspection and verification process is successfully completed and the product(s)  delivered,  the  buyer  will  visit  their  nearest  agent  and  pick  up  the  product(s). 

Where the physical product(s) does  not  match  the online description,  the  product(s) will  be  rejected  and  the  buyer’s  purchase price will be  refunded.

Skeykim  technology is  not  limited to e-commerce  users. Any  other  person  who would want to send or receive a parcel or letter can  search  for the agent  closest to them using the app  and  enjoy the safety,  convenience and comfort that is Skeykim standard shipping. The  customer will  simply  use  the  Skeykim  app  to  search  for  the agent(s)  closest to them,  choose  that  agent  and then input  all  the  parcel’s details.  The  customer  will then visit  the  agent  and  the  parcel  will be  shipped.  Skeykim  uses  tamper  evident  packaging  and  will  seal  all  these  parcels  with  tamper proof  tape. Every  parcel  is  insured  and  delivery  is guaranteed  or the buyers’ get their money  back.

In light of the above,  Skeykim technology is set to become a leading shipping and security service as buyers, sellers and customers are guaranteed a safe,  convenient, accessible and efficient system through which to conduct their business.